salad and soups

Salads choose from Homemade Bleu Cheese, House, Ranch, Balsamic Vinaigrette, 1000 Island, Italian or Honey Mustard. Extra Dressing: $0.30, $0.50 for large. Salads that are not normally tossed $1.00. Please note that any special order or alterations, such as tossed salads, may take extra time.


burgers, sandwiches, and wraps

All burgers, sandwiches and wraps are served with your choice of fries, homemade chips, cottage cheese, fresh vegetables or coleslaw. You may substitute a house or Caesar salad, sweet potato fries, or beer battered onion rings for $2.25



Add dinner size house salad or caesar $2.95



Hand rolled crust that averages 10 inches. Just Cheese $9.29. Chicken $3.29, Steak or Shrimp $6.29, Additional Toppings $1.00. Ham | Sausage | Onion | Bacon | Mushrooms | Pepperoni | Tomato | Hamburger | Spinach | Black Olives | Anchovies | Green Pepper