About Fallon's



The History of Fallon's

Since 2009, Fallon’s Pub has been a family-owned business with Irish influence in every corner. Owners Chris and Dan, while not related, consider themselves brothers. Chris and Dan have worked together for over 20 years in various complicities in the restaurant and bar business in the St Louis area. Fallon’s is the culmination of lessons learned and people met from every business they were a part of previously. It was their love of food and drink in a casual “Cheers” like atmosphere that made Fallon’s what it is today.

“I had no family connection in the industry, but I personally loved to cook. I went to culinary school immediately following high school but during summer break, a stay at the Lake of Ozarks and a Country Night Club changed my attitude; I wanted to bartend. A very wise lady named Donna taught me about hospitality and how to treat folks. I still carry her messages of good will to all with every new person I meet in our establishment, and hope I’m doing half as well as she did with me and her guests.”
-Dan Schultz

“My father and my grandfather started a bakery when I was about 10 years old and some of my fondest memories are from that time. Working with both of them, going in at 2 am to make donuts, the rehabbing of the bakery; I knew then the restaurant business is where I wanted to be. Knowing this at a young age set my career path, helping me learn every aspect of the business I could along the way. Danny and I talked 20 years ago about opening a place together, and we took some different paths to get here, but we both want to be here and see our guests enjoy every moment.”
-Chris Whitworth



Our Food

This is not just pub food. Our food is made fresh daily with high quality ingredients. 95% of our menu is made from scratch in our kitchen everyday.

All of our dishes are full of flavor and made from scratch including our award winning chicken wings (UCP Wing Ding) and our twist on the Reuben Sandwich (Mom’s recipe for her corned beef loaded with sauerkraut, swiss cheese and thousand island dressing all on a toasted marble rye hoagie).

What makes our food good is the time and care that goes into every dish. We cook our own meats, make our own sauces and dressings. We are not afraid to season our food properly and we take NO shortcuts ever, period, nada, none!!!!!!


Our Service

In this business, good food can only take you so far. We pride ourselves not only on our great meals, but on our service across the board.

We can train a server/bartender/cook to do their job well, but we can’t train a personality. All our work mates believe as we do that the customer comes first. Anything that we can do to ensure that they are happy and having the best experience possible, we will do it!!

Whether you are in our bar, dining in our restaurant, or if we are catering your full-service event, our focus is on giving you a world class experience. We don’t view this as a service business; for us, it’s the hospitality business. We strive every day to make our guests happier than ever.